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Good morning -

I tried to call you multiple times but I couldn't reach you, nobody pick up the phone.

I booked a flight (CWUIDN) during coronavirus but it has been canceled. I called you in March to have a refund and you told me everything was ok.

I’ve waited my refund for 3 months but I still didn't have my money back.

I decided to call you again to know the status of my refund and you told me I need to call the airlines I booked my ticket with to confirm the refund. So I did it and one of the airline (Alaska airline) told me they can't refund me but they can give me travel credits.

They send me my code to use on a future trip.

I also had to call the other airline (Hawaiian Airline) for my refund and they told my that they had refunded me already. The problem is I don't have this money back.

The airline explained to me that because I booked my ticket with a third party (you, travel2be), and in EUROS (€), they said that the amount has been refunded on your credit card (because you used the organization's credit card to purchase from the airline).

They also told me that you are aware that the airline cannot refund the amount to the passenger’s credit card because of what I said before.

They said they’ve refunded 205,47€.

After 6 months calling you, the 2 different airlines and waiting for my money back, I’m emailing you today to ask for an entire refund of my ticket.

I have been really patient but I am soon leaving America and I need my money back.

Thank you, Chloe Artaud.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Please send an e-mail to customer.service@***.com, from the e-mail address you used to make the reservation and indicating the Booking ID in the subject (8digit code that appears in the confirmation e-mail), and you will receive instructions to contact one of our agents.

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