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On February 17 we cancelled two returns flights from Toronto, Canada to Manila, Philippines. The flights were scheduled to depart on March 2 and return on March 16.

We had to cancel these flights and called on February 17 to cancel, we were assured we would receive a refund between $1600-$1700 CAD (the total of our two flights including the cancellation fee deduction). We also received an email confirming the booking had been cancelled.

It has been almost four months since we cancelled the booking and we have not received any refund.

Every time we try to call we are disconnected, it seems that the agents keep hanging up our calls.

Please can you reach out to us immediately to resolve this issue. We were told we would receive our receive our refund within 1-3 months, so this is far overdue now.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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Thank you for your comment. Please send an e-mail to customer.service@***.com, from the e-mail address you used to make the reservation and indicating the Booking ID in the subject (8-digit code that appears in the confirmation e-mail), and you will receive instructions to contact one of our specialised agents.

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