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Hi can you please address my emails to you. I've been persistent at trying to contact you through emails and even stayed on the line for 20 mins but no response. Please contact me.

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Don’t go anywhere near Travel2be or their parent company, Travelgenio. I tried for nearly a year to get a £136 refund for a cancelled Virgin flight, finally got £82 back - no explanation why they decided to pocket £54 - nearly 40 per cent of the outlay A couple of tips: 1.

Don’t bother with endless emails and computer generated replies. Write 3 times, the go to your credit company for chargeback 2. Don’t bother to phone - you won’t get through 3. Don’t believe their apparent helpful replies - they really don’t care 4.

Don’t be taken in by their assertion that they need to pay you by bankers order rather than back to your credit card - it’s a scam to charge you a whopping fee.

5. Just don’t bother with them…


Good morning Fae We would like to study your case. Please send an e-mail to, indicating the Booking ID (8-digit code) in the subject line.

Remember to use the e-mail address you used to make your reservation. You will immediately receive instructions

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